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a place called home book

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A Place Called Home is a new book by socially engaged artist Jaskirt Dhaliwal-Boora which brings together the stories of four young women and their families, and the effects of inter-generational trauma.

Commissioned by West Midlands Police in 2023, Jaskirt had the opportunity to work and collaborate with Kiera, Tiegan, Sienna and Codie to make a body of work to try and effect real change and impact within the police.

'They say a picture speaks a thousand words, looking at the images in this book it is hard not to be moved and touched by the stories being shown and told. Through Jaskirt’s work with the girls involved in this project we hoped to form a greater understanding of how their life experiences might contribute to vulnerability, and to harness the power of photography to generate real empathy and understanding amongst officers that might inform police practice, and how we interact with young people we encounter.' Cat Stock (WM Police Learning and Delivery Manager)

The book includes new photographs by Jaskirt, combined with archival images and text from the girls and their families, as well as new images the four girls shot on point and shoot 35mm cameras during the workshops in the project. 

The book also includes the portrait of Tiegan and Alfie, shortlisted for British Journal of Photography's Portrait of Britain Award 2023.

Details on book:

- A5 book size

- 80 pages

- Printed on recycled uncoated paper

- Cover printed with soft touch lamination

- Perfect bound

- Designed by Jaskirt Dhaliwal-Boora

P&P material has been carefully considered to help protect the environment and is recyclable and eco friendly. 

All book sale proceeds will be donated to Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP): https://www.map.org.uk

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