Jaskirt Dhaliwal-Boora

Bearwood (2006-08) is a body of work which documents people and place from Jaskirt's home-town Bearwood, on the edges of Birmingham city centre. A working class, creative hub, diverse in every way, Bearwood was the home of Jaskirt's formative years. Growing up in a corner-shop newsagent, the empty streets were her playground when doing early morning paper rounds listening to Moby on her Sony walkman, or spending afternoons into dusk playing football in Lightwoods park. The familiarity and good neighbourliness she experienced stemmed from the friendships made through her parents shop. Exploring what the small Sandwell town meant to others and how they connected to place became Jaskirt's first body of work, and a signature of her work in the importance of local stories speaking global truths.

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