Jaskirt Dhaliwal-Boora

Women’s Football is an award winning body of work that was first exhibited at Focus on Imaging (now The Photography Show at NEC) in 2007 as part of Dhaliwal-Boora’s Photo Imaging Council award.

The idea that some of the nation’s best women’s footballers could pass you by on the street and you wouldn’t know them is a telling fact in a world where male footballers are ranked as celebrities.

When Dhaliwal-Boora first began this work women footballers had little or no recognition, most had to pay to play and it was very much at grass roots level. Thankfully there have been huge strides in the last decade that have seen the first fully professional league in England.

One thing remains in common though, for most women who play football it is played for the love of the game whilst they juggle full time jobs, parenting and going to university. But each weekend they still pull on the shirt for club or country and in some cases both. 

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