Jaskirt Dhaliwal-Boora

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Birmingham Lockdown Stories Book

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“Growing up in a corner shop newsagent, a daughter of Panjabi immigrants, I had always known my neighbours. I’d lived in Sutton Coldfield for 6 years and hadn’t built that same sense of community until lockdown.

I made new friends and acquaintances with people on my street during our daily walks and through a socially distanced VE Street party.

When I got this commission with GRAIN I wanted to extend the feeling of good will and togetherness I had experienced to people who may not have been as fortunate. Through a network of family, friends, colleagues and organisations I began engaging with people across Birmingham about their life in lockdown. Each person chose a location that encapsulated their experience and together we recorded a dialogue of how the pandemic had affected them to produce the following narrative of their lockdown story.”

Jaskirt Boora

10x8 inches, digitally printed photo book. 

Soft cover (300gsm). 

54pages (150gsm). 

Satin coated paper. Perfect bind and trim.

Includes the 2021 BJP Portrait of Britain award winning image of Dr Mavi and RBSA award winning portrait of Aabidah Shah. 

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